About TSI

TSI Hydration is The OEM/ODM Manufacturing Brand Behind the Brands.

It’s Your Brand and Your Logo that customers will see and recognize.

TSI designs, develops, and manufactures products specifically to meet the specifications and requirements of our Partner Brands including Gregory Packs, OGIO, Sierra Designs, Ergodyne and many more.

Our engineering expertise and patented designs greatly reduce the lead time to bring a new product to market for our customers. Full compliance to California Proposition-65, REACH, USP-62 Certification, FDA and the European taste & odor requirements. Routine reliability and life testing of all products in production is standard, as are social compliance and customer audits.

TSI produces premium quality components and private-labeled products for industry leading brand names in the USA, Canada, Mexico, the UK, the EU, Australia and S. Africa.
Based in beautiful Bend, Oregon, we are positioned to offer premium private labeled products at highly competitive prices, with local USA support teams available to insure on-time deliveries and provide technical support.

TSI Hydration milestones:

  • 2009 Established OEM hydration products line.
  • 2011 Established water-bottle manufacturing.
  • 2013 Opened Bend, Oregon engineering & warehousing facility.
  • 2015 Patented  several hydration bladder features
  • 2018 Opened new hydration design & engineering facility.
  • Current hydration products scope includes

    • Hydration products, including backpack water bladder systems, water bottles and water purification systems.
  • Innovative designs, guaranteed quality, Competitive pricing, short lead times and local support from USA home based in Bend, Oregon.

    Our backpack water reservoir (bladder) systems incorporate a custom mPE resin which offers:

    • Compliance with California Proposition-65, REAH (Europe).
    • FDA food-grade materials used in production.
    • Industry leading taste-free water supply.
    • Reduced microbial growth.
    • Easy to open, fill and close.
    • Several patented innovations.